AFTA Stands Together to Support the AAPI Community

Dear AFTA Community,

We are deeply saddened to hear and see the news about the continuing incidents of xenophobia and hate towards our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, especially during the last several months and most recently with the shootings last week in Atlanta, GA, where six Asian American people were killed. The rates of bullying, harassment, and hate crimes against AAPI persons have increased in light of the pandemic; thus exposing the vulnerabilities that have always existed for this population. These attacks occur irrespective of the fact that an estimated 2 million of the front line COVID-19 healthcare providers, first responders, and other essential workers that serve across our country are from Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

On January 26, the new administration signed a memorandum denouncing previous discriminatory sentiments directed to AAPI. While this has been an important step to acknowledge the hate, we strongly believe in the need to reinforce that commitment. Local government leaders need to combat anti-Asian violence by holding perpetrators of violence accountable for their crimes and providing support for AAPI victims and their families. These leaders should speak up to fight against the cascade of injustices the AAPI community has been experiencing, and work together to promote acceptance and safety for AAPI communities.

During this major crisis, we also urge AFTA as a community to stand together in their support.

To our AAPI community, we value you and will continue to work together to address the racism and violence in our community and beyond. AFTA stands firmly in our position that no individual or community should be subjected to hate crimes or harassment of any kind.

Our organization has and will continue to stand up against the hateful rhetoric and actions that have become far too commonplace in our society. 

AFTA would like to create a safe space for everyone.  AFTA also facilitates access to supportive resources, such as our Family Policy and Human Rights Committee (FPHRC). If you are interested in joining this committee,  please reach out to the Central Office at [email protected] for more information. 

This article may be helpful for you and others to facilitate acceptance and change around you.


The Family Policy and Human Rights Committee and AFTA's Board of Directors

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